First Felt

My first felted project!

Escargot, in Olympus Fleur, 1.3 skeins of the grey, 0.3 skeins of the blue-green. 4mm needles. Made the body one inch longer (to account for felting shrinkage – now I feel that was unneccesary, because it’s a tad too long).

Other mods include an i-cord CO (neat but endless!) and the contrast band made with four rows of stockinette closed into a welt by picking up and knitting together loops from the first CC row with the live stitches of the last CC row.

Things I learnt:

1. Reverse stockinette looks better felted, so make things inside out in the future.

2. Weave in all ends and then cut them before starting to felt.

3. Concentrate on felting the edges, because the centre of the fabric gets man-handled anyway. If the edges don’t felt equally, they look wavy and ugly.

4. Felted fabric can be stretched and shaped while wet.

5. The water does not need to be boiling hot or ice cold – as long as it’s nearer those temperatures than not, and still comfortable to stick your hand into, it’s ok.

The Before and After, with my pincusion for comparison:


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