December Finishing: Fit the Second

Fit the Second:

“Other maps are such shapes, with their islands and capes!
But we’ve got our brave Captain to thank:
(So the crew would protest) “that he’s bought us the best–
A perfect and absolute blank!”

Next in the mending is my Annis shawlette. I tried an experiment while making this: inspired by Lazy Katy, I set out to recreate the curved shape so fantastic for draping around the shoulders, and more importantly, staying put. Another planned advantage was that the stockinette body of the shawl would itself provide the background for the uppermost layer of lace of the shawl when worn — so much better than an non-matching t-shirt visible through the lace (yes, I’m finicky about things like that).

I hadn’t bought the pattern for Lazy Katy, but looking at projects with long colour runs, it seemed to be knitted top down. The Annis, on the other hand, is bottom up. No problem, I thought, I’ll finish the lace section, and then force it into a 90 degree curve by sharply decreasing along a spine, shaping the rest with short rows, and closing the top edge with an applied i-cord. All well and good, and I ended up with this:


When worn, the triangular patch of stockinette was too small. Instead of draping over my shoulders, it hung in front like a bib and then fell down because there wasn’t enough of  to go over both shoulders. Related to the small front was a tail too long and skinny: it wanted to wrap around my neck like a boa.

Altering stockinette shawls is very satisfying in that nothing has to fit; they are truly a “perfect and absolute blank.”

I ripped out the stockinette section, and using the shaping directions from Annis,  placed the middle of the shaping about one third of the way in, instead of at the centre. By the time I ran out of stitches along the short end, I had added a crescent moon shaped sliver of stockinette and forced a deep curve . Next, I repeated the shaping, this time centering the shaping at the middle of the shawl.

Here’s picture of the new shape, blocked, with two rather clumsily drawn crescent moons depicting the shaping. The yellow moon was made first, then the green. 

These two half moon shapes, snugged up against each other, did very well – I got the shape I wanted!

Look: no slipping! more warmth! success!



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