December Finishing: Fit the First

Fit the First: December, I’ve concluded, is the month for embarking on a venture — nothing new or uncharted, mind you, but the well remembered shores of past knitted objects, to make them fit and function better. I’m going to use the remaining weeks to ‘repair’ some knits. These are all finished garments, which are somehow not quite right; I intend to fix that!

Let’s start nice and easy, shall we?

My Drops 103-1 Jacket is the perfect airline sweater. Cosy, comfortable, portable – just right for the freezing interiors of aircraft cabins. Its hidden snap closures are so convenient, and the decorative tree buttons are just right.


I started this with a provisional neckline CO, knitted the body, then knitted the collar upwards from the CO. Because I’m used to structured knits with seams, I can’t help noticing that the neckline becomes a leeetle sloppy after a few hours’ wear – as if it didn’t quite know where to settle.

Solution: I’m slip stitching a line of crochet from the WS, to hold the neckline together as firmly as a solid seam would have. This is one of the easiest neckline fixes, and you can work it from the RS or WS depending on whether you want the chained line to be visible or not.



Here’s the before and after from the RS of the garment: tolerable blending of colours, right?








Unfortunately, I’d run out of my Dream in Color Classy ‘Chinatown Apple’ while making the jacket, so I used Hamanaka Soft Concious left over from my Manu’s trim. It’s not an exact match, but the colours are similar enough to pass off that line of stitches as a design detail. And the non-stretchy neckline is really worth it!


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