The gorgeously and perfectly named Madre Perla in Malabrigo Silky Merino.

Being turned into a Krookus.

This is a deliciously light yarn – while knitting the first six inches of the body, I would pick up my work and only feel the weight of the needles – and its cloud-like weightlessness reminds me of eating syllabub: a voluptuously large mass of cream which, delightfully, turns out to be mostly air.

After this rather Nigella Lawson-esque pean (don’t eat the yarn, kids!), I must add that all commenters on Ravelry warned that it would grow and grow and grow after blocking. With that in mind, I’m knitting it at a tight-ish gauge – 5.6 inches to the inch and so far, I’m happy: the knitted fabric has all the light warmness of silk with a barely-there hint of violet and pink reminiscent of moonlight, silver and mother of pearl.

I’m making some modifications to the pattern, of course. I want this to be a very polished jacket-like cover up, so I can at least pretend to be elegant while attending meetings in the frozen wastes of hotel conference rooms. So out went the thick hem and button band in the pattern! Out went the large bell like shape and gigantic sleeves! In their stead, a quiet turned bottom hem, an inconspicuous double knit vertical hem and a much more streamlined shape.

For anyone doing this pattern in a similar, thinner yarn (as compared to the aran weight in the pattern), I would suggest doing a couple of more cable crosses before and after the middle of each circle, to make the circumference larger, else you’ll end up with a spindly motif. Just make sure you’re ‘moving’ the same column of four stitches out and in, and you’re good.


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