Meet the Contestants

We proudly present…

Honourable Mention 2
Contestant LL decides to keep her entire self in reverse stockinette. Although judges give her marks for innovation, it causes her to fade into the background. Also, the judges couldn’t help but shudder at the messiness of her bottom.


Honourable Mention 1
Ah, here, the judged appreciated that the contestant’s stockinette was actually visible against the background of reverse stockinette. But oh dear, a similarly messy bottom! Contestant LR, like LL, does not realise that forcing his bottom half to form twisted stitches and involving them in decreases is expecting too much of the said stitches. Too sloppy. But there is something interesting going on inside his bottom half. See how his increases in stockinette start off by looking as sloppy as the twisted stitches? Then suddenly, LR realises his mistake and switches the positions of m1L and m1R. Full marks for error detection and course correction!


Second Runner Up
Now the judges really like UL. She isn’t afraid of complicated and intricate manouvering. Note how she tries to create a diamond within a diamond with a line of purl stitches just inside the twisted stitch border! Alas, the judges are forced to subtract marks for the purl stitches being quite invisible in her bottom half. However, it is clear we are now among brightest of the lot. UL, like the other runner up and winner, realises that a neat lower bottom comes from keeping the twisted stitches in her lower half unmolested, and forcing the diamond shape through increases inside balanced by decreases outside.


First Runner Up
The comepetition is hotting up! Contestant UR learns all the lessons of UL and applies them even further – by keeping his twisted stitches unmolested all the way through! He makes balanced increases and decreases inside and outside his bottom and top halves. However, this backfires on him as the judges decide that the lines of decreases in the stockinette section inside the top half are visually unpleasing.


The Winner
Is clearly Contestant C! Note her beautiful, crisply defined twisted stitch borders. She wisely keeps them free of any shaping in her lower half, and involves them in decreases in her top half. She is a perfect mixture of simplicity and pleasing effect – her stockinette pops against the background, unblemished by fancy shaping. One particularly nitpicky judge noted that her twisted outlines could be made more symmetric by wrapping the yarn in the opposite direction and working them throuth the left leg on the next row to make them twist in the opposite direction, but this was generally  felt to be inhumanly insane.


The Chosen One is off to a spanking start. Look at her tracks!


Also Ran
Not shown here: the 12 or so contestants who so displeased the judges that they were instantly dismembered, their very bodies consumed to form the five which made the news.

(Swatching. And corniness. In Madeline Tosh Vintage ‘Filigree‘)


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