Twisty Little Things

Thanks for the kind words about the Drops Jacket! I have decided on the tree buttons, and figured out how to deal with the fact I didn’t put in buttonholes. However, the Jacket and I are cruelly separated by thousands of kilometres, so I’ve had to seek consolation in a tiny thing for a tiny creature.

I decided on a picot edge bind off, but coudn’t find very satisfactory instructions anywhere on the internet. Many instructions were confusing. Here’s how I figured it out!

Tutorial Basics: A picot edge BO is made by casting on two stitches and then binding off four. This back and forth motion produces a twisty little curl which blocks out to a picot. Of course there are variations which use more stitches, but here’s a step-by-step for the simple version I used:

Step 1: BO 2 stitches in the usual way. That is, knit two onto the right needle. Pull the rightmost stitch (on the right needle) over the leftmost and drop it. Knit one more stitch. Pull the rightmost over leftmost (on the right needle).

(Now come the two cable COs )

Step 2: Slip the single stitch on the right needle onto the left needle (Pic 1)

Step 3a: Insert the right needle behind the first stitch on the left (the one which was slipped back in Step 2) (Pic 2)

Step 3b: Put the yarn around the right needle and pull a loop through, as if you were knitting as usual (Pic 3). However…


Pic 1                                              Pic 2                                               Pic 3

Step 3c: … Instead of dropping the old loop, put the new stitch on the left needle. One cable CO made! (Pic 4)

Step 3d: Make the second cable CO by inserting the right needle behind the first loop on the left needle (the one created in 3c) (Pic 5)

Step 3e: Pull a loop through, as if knitting a stitch…

Step 3f: …And put this new stitch on the left needle (Pic 6)


Pic 4                                           Pic 5                                           Pic 6

(Your two cable COs are done! Now do the four standard BOs)

Step 4a: Knit the first two sts on the left needle onto the right needle, one by one (These are the two cable COs  made in the previous steps (Pic 7)

Step 4b: On the right needle, pull the rightmost stitch over the leftmost and drop it. One BO complete (Pic 8 )

Step 4c: Knit another st onto the right needle, and pull the rightmost over the leftmost. Two BOs complete. You can already see a twisty little picot structure, but it’ll look assymmetrical (Pic 9)

                                                   Pic 7                                                Pic 8                                                 Pic 9

Step 4d: Knit another stitch onto the right needle and BO as before. Three BOs complete, and the picot is taking shape! (Pic 10)

Step 4e: Knit another stitch onto right needle and BO. Four BOs complete and so is your picot! (Pic 11)


Pic 10                                                   Pic 11

(At this moment, you can insert another optional step, or carry on to Step 6)

Step 5: If you wish to space out your picots, do regular BOs now, for as long as you’d like the gap to be.

Step 6:  You should be left with a single stitch on the right needle. Return to Step 1 and repeat!

As you can see, I chose to space out my picots to align them with the eyelets.  The picots are twisty little things now, but a good blocking will cure that!


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