Amazed: greatly surprised, stupefied. A few days ago, Julie from Knitted Bliss contacted me on Ravelry with a request to feature a pair of gloves I’d knitted. I was amazed and honoured! I’ve been reading her blog for a while now, and love her knitting. Check out my favourite, this beautiful pink spun sugar top; isn’t it yummy?

A Maze: an intricate network of interconnecting pathways. Julie featured my Zigzag Gloves, which I made up from a sock pattern. I like that the zigzags do look maze-like.

I had started the gloves in great annoyance. It was a phase when nothing was going quite right. I wanted simple soothing knitting, but threw the Baktus Scarf I started across the room because the gray colour was annoying me to death and I was in no mood to use thick yarns because I don’t like thick needles and why on earth couldn’t I have had a giant stash like everyone else so I could just pick and choose and then… I remembered the yarn from my Sock Knitting Kit. It was a skinny, happy turquoise; just perfect.

A few hours later, I was sitting in a room filled with rich, diffuse sunlight,  enclosed by floor length windows framing a dense green canopy, working away happily, all tantrum-like behaviour dissipated by that heavenly blue in my hands and the lushness outside.

I worked twisted knit stitches on the cuff to raise them, then started the spiralling pattern. Ten rows later I was feeling so mellow, I wanted to kick things up a notch. So I started twisting the traveling stitches the other way. It was easy; I just had to remember :

  • For a Left Twist, work upto the stitch that has to travel, then work the twist.
  • For a Right Twist, work up to one stitch before the one which has to travel, then work the twist.

After that, for thumbs and fingers, I mostly followed instructions from the Knotty Gloves (Rav link). I kind of winged it on the thumbs, creating one giant zig-zag  by constantly trying it on, seeing how far the travelling stitch should ‘zig’ before ‘zagging’ back.

I had visions of stitches twirling in one direction on the fingers of one hand, and the other way on the other. But any attempt at making stitches travel around the finger made them horribly constricting – my little finger actually went numb! I settled on zig-zagging only across the top surface.


Pattern: Helix Socks (Rav link)

Yarn: From the ‘Sock Knitting Kit’. I did the burn test and there’s definitely some synthetic in there.

Needles: 2.5mm dpns


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